BadGal & Company

About Us


The Idea

When I first got the idea of creating chokerz I was actually at a store purchasing chokers. I with my creative mind that I can just make my own chokers then I decided to start making them to sell. That was 2 years ago, now I have rebranded into anklets, bracelets and fitness apparel!


Style & Quality

Each style offered are Authentic! Every choker I design comes from inspiration. But all of my chokers are exclusives and none of them can be found in stores. With that being said the quality of my chokers is the best you'll ever come across. I have compared my products to products sold in stores and you wont find anything like mine. The sports bras are the first of my fitness apparel to be dropped and they are also of the best quality with my logo embroidered on the back you’ll find nothing like them.


100% Handcrafted

All of my pieces excluding the fitness apparel are handcrafted. With each of my products being custom made its almost impossible of a defect. All of my products are analyzed by me personally to ensure the quality will be exactly what you want! That is the difference between Bad Gal & Company and any other companies. Before any of my products are shipped I make sure they are Top-Notch!